Social Recognition Platform

Research shows that employees value recognition from their peers even more than recognition from managers and executives. Find out what Awardco’s platform can do for your business today. 

Total Recognition

Awardco’s Social Employee Recognition platform enables all employees to upload their photo, then comment on, like, and share in recognition as it happens across your company. Let your employees tell each other what a great job they’re doing by giving them shout outs, or actual rewards. Hashtag #CoreValues for your team, department, or company to highlight particular skills or accomplishments.

Real-Time Updates

Sort through the feed by user or department, or search #Hashtags. Gather insights for one employee or your entire workforce. Create valuable behavioral data that gives real-time intelligence on your talent. Like and comment on achievements as they happen to show support.

Live Display

Broadcast your company’s culture by making it social. Awardco’s Social Recognition API allows you to extract the Social Recognition feed and display the data anywhere. Stream the social feed directly on your company’s Intranet, display it live on a TV monitor in the hallways or break room, or simply view it in a web browser.

Custom Social Feed

Adjust your feed by turning off likes and comments to highlight achievements and simplify what everyone sees. Or leave comments, likes, and replies on to let everyone have their say. To give more than written recognition, create a budget and let your employees recognize each other with monetary rewards.

Social Analytics

Create reports to determine who is being recognized, who isn’t, and what they’re recognized for. Sort by hashtags, users, or departments. All reports can be assigned a hierarchy, so all managers can run reports to see what is relevant to their teams, while the CEO, and other Admins can see everything.