Service Award Platform

The average markup for service award products is between 100% and 200%. Awardco does not markup products at all. Our full integration with means you can offer 10 million products and free shipping options to your employees. We’ve made each step as simple as possible.  

Redeem Amazon Products with Zero Markups

Awardco offers the most extensive award network in the industry. Stream hundreds of millions of products onto a branded Service Award platform. Give your employees a way to redeem and earn awards that aren’t cash and won’t eventually go towards bills. With Awardco working together with Amazon Business,, and more, you can offer your employees perfectly curated rewards like tickets to Disneyland, Broadway Shows or sports events. Awardco does not markup product costs, so you can give your employees more while spending less.

Customize Service Award Deliverables


Create dynamic email templates and campaigns that won’t get immediately sent to the trash. Schedule emails to be delivered at a certain hour on a specific day. CC managers to keep everyone informed. Make corporate awards and recognitions a weekly or daily occurrence so employees can look forward to it. Save a few trees along the way.


Draft a congratulatory letter or certificate that can be mailed to each service award recipient. Let your employee have a tangible token of your appreciation that they can then turn in for pre-chosen incentives or rewards. We’ll even provide login instructions for your employee to redeem products using Awardco. Watch as your company culture becomes one feeds more and more progress and growth amongst your employees as they strive for success and those little incentives.


Build a service award packet to be delivered in Awardco’s signature Thank You folder. Employees receive a congratulatory letter, certificate, a one page catalog of highlighted products, and login information with how-to instructions for redeeming rewards points. Make your corporate reward program more exciting than ever before.


Send each employee recipient a branded, personalized 5×7 acrylic magnetic plaque, or a numbered plaque specific to the employee’s year level. Each plaque arrives in custom professional packaging. Celebrate big achievements with something they can display on their desk while also showing that growth and success and even little achievements are something to be cheered.

Upload Service Award Recipients

Easily enter information regarding who is sending the award, the employee receiving it and why to keep track of which employees are being awarded and which aren’t. The easiest, and most common method for adding employees to the platform is the Awardco CSV uploader. Update award recipient lists monthly, quarterly, or annually then create reports to track budgeting. Download tax reports and other behavioral data in real time. For further automation, we can integrate directly with an HRIS platform using the Awardco API.

Expand Your Existing Catalog

Combine your current selection of company swag and branded merchandise with the world’s largest online retailer. Build Amazon-specific catalogs with items of your choice by curating a reward catalog for 20 Service Years, Electronics, Sales Awards, Home and Garden, etc., or give your employees access to all 600 million Amazon products. Go further and combine this with other offers from Awardco including exclusive deals from Visa and Create catalogs that are specific for each quarter or season, and then curate it for each department or level of achievement.

Real-Time Service Award Reports

Create detailed, up-to-the-minute reports to track what you have awarded, and what employees have redeemed. Filter by date, location, or cost centers to save valuable time and gain powerful insights. Get powerful insight into the success of service award programs.

Employee Recognition Rewards

Get your employees involved in one another’s success by allowing them to send thank you’s, hurrahs and more to one another. Awardco helps increase engagement and satisfaction among employees by continually commending each employee’s achievements. But it’s so much more than that. With Awardco’s Corporate Reward Program you can reduce costs that traditional models of corporate awards rack up. Spend your money on your employees not the vendors and award your employees with their actual budget. By rewarding your employees with more than a cash bonus on their paycheck, you can offer them something more tangible that will remind that each time they use it of those good feelings they got when they were first recognized. You’re already paying your employees, so do something a little extra with Awardco’s help.