First Off, It’s a Family Company

Awardco was founded in 2011, but the story started many years ago with Steve’s father Jim. Jim worked his entire career as an employee recognition consultant for Jostens and MTM Recognition. He worked on recognition programs for corporate giants such as McDonald’s, Motorola, John Deere, and even created the 6 Chicago Bulls championship rings. At an early age, Steve wanted to become just like his dad, and work with Michael Jordan 🙂 Steve went on to graduate in Computer Science, and quickly saw the need to bring tech into the employee recognition space. The industry was full of out dated product offerings at extremely high retail prices. Steve saw an opportunity and called Mike.


Side Note: Steve and his Dad (Jimmy Carter look alike) caught a lot of fish that day. They are deep sea fishing in Lake Michigan.

Meet Mike

Mike heads up the Awardco engineering team and is the Da Vinci of web applications. Mike graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in computer science. In 2011 Mike and Steve started to build the perfect web application that could integrate with third parties such as Amazon, to offer millions of product choices to employees… So this is where it all began.

What We Are Doing Today

Today our focus is to increase engagement and satisfaction within an organization by running effective recognition programs. Through our technology and partnerships for fulfillment (Amazon, Expedia Hotels, Ticket Events, Company store, and Custom items), Awardco is able to focus on the development of programs that map to an organization. Awardco offers a solution to run a variety of programs on one platform (Service Awards, Spot Recognition, Peer to Peer, Social Recognition/Communication, Safety, Holiday Programs, and more). Our emphasis in the industry is to:


Break away from the tradition models of outdated products. Offer unlimited items that your employees actually want or need from our Award Network, or create a catalog with custom/selected items that are in line with your culture and program.


Reduce Cost. The traditional model that has been around for nearly a century is outdated. With mark ups of 75%-150% companies are spending more money on vendors than actual items for employees. With our Zero Product markup model, award your employees their actual budget.


Reduce Administration time. Through technology we have made it easier to recognize your employees and automate processes, reports, budgets, etc.