May 7-10, 2017

2017 Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition - Washington DC

Come visit us at booth 830 and make sure to grab the motivational currency coin powered by Amazon Business. Awardco is also sponsoring a demo, so make sure to sign up, because seating is limited.

May 24 2017 @ 1pm MST

Set up Your Service Award Program in the USA to Integrate with Amazon - Free Shipping - Zero Markups

The average markup for service award products is between 100% and 200%. Awardco does not markup products at all. Our full integration with means you can offer 10 million products and free shipping options. We’ve made each step as simple as possible. Learn how and watch a live demo.

June 7 2017 @ 1 PM MST

Creating a Global Service Award Program with Awardco & Amazon Business

Awardco has a full integration with Amazon and can offer Amazon Products to 75 different countries. Learn how to dramatically improve your global recognition programs.

June 21 2017 @ 1 PM MST

Creating Sales Incentive Programs - Manage Budgets - Integrate with Amazon Business

Learn how to assign monetary budgets to sales team managers, allow manages to distribute Amazon Points, and sales agents can redeem Amazon products directly from the Awardco platform.

July 19, 2017 @ 1 PM MST

Total Recognition: Unlimited Recognition Programs, Social Capabilities, and Amazon Business Integration for Employee Redemptions.

Awardco has teamed up with Amazon Business to offer a platform that’s changing the landscape of employee recognition and engagement. How? The platform allows organizations to create recognition/incentive programs using Amazon Business, which means millions of product choices, zero product markups and free shipping. In this tech demo you’ll learn: how to integrate Amazon Business on the Awardco platform; how to create multiple recognition/incentive programs using Amazon Business; and how to build specific Amazon catalogs for each recognition program.

October 10-13 2017

2017 HR Tech - Las Vegas, NV

Come visit us at our booth.