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Employee Performance Software

Reward when you want and how you want with Awardco’s employee performance software (EPS). Managers can distribute points for a wide range of positive behaviors and goals being achieved. Employees can redeem their points on the Awardco’s reward network (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Expedia, Sporting Venues, Concerts, Broadways). The reward network offers millions of products, 144,000 hotels, and 20 million dollars worth of ticket events around the world. Finally a reward program with choices.

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Employee Service Award Software

Escape the limitations of traditional years of service programs. No fixed catalog with a handful of limited options. No negative reactions from employees.


Awardco has integrated with the worlds largest organizations such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Expedia, and most venues around the world to offer the employee a limitless amount of reward choices on one single platform.


Say goodbye to grandfather clocks, fishing poles, and lawn mowers, and say hello to Awardco.

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The Ultimate Reward Network


Amazon, Wal-Mart Products


Expedia Hotels


Ticket Events (Sports, Broadway, Concerts)


Add 100 custom products

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