Awarding Employees

Provide the best award choices (Amazon, Walmart, Expedia, Tickets) for employees. Run all award programs (years of service, sales incentives, safety, on-the-spot, etc.) on one single platform saving your organization valuable time.

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Awarding Customers

Reward your customers with products they actually want. The more revenue customers spend with you, the more points they get to spend in your branded reward platform.

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Social Recognition

Provide a transparent social feed on employee recognition. Employees can recognize and tag other employees, everyone can comment, some can give monetary gifts, while others can only “like” a post. Transform your culture with social recognition.

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Amazon: 100m + products, two day free shipping, local international fulfillment options

Walmart: Any product you can think of, plus groceries and Visa gift cards

Expedia Hotels: Millions of room deals in 173,000 hotels worldwide

Event Tickets: Sporting events, concerts, Disneyland tickets, and Broadway.

Custom Products: Admins can add their own products such as PTO, dinner with the boss, corporate apparel, etc.

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Rewarding your employees has never been so easy. Input the dollar amount you wish to award, and our system will automatically convert the dollars into points for your employees’ view.   We designed our reward system for ease of use, because programs work when they’re simple to implement and convenient to operate. Awardco offers the perfect solution for employers who want to stick to a budget, motivate their employees, and run reports and analysis to monitor the results. Smaller organizations can run a basic, centralized rewards program, while larger corporations can create custom departments and reward budgets to fit their specific needs.

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