Take control of all your recognition programs

Service Awards, Monetary Reward Programs, Social Programs, and much more.

Awardco is a cloud based employee recognition platform where admins can run any type of recognition and reward program and gain access to the largest award network at cost. Streamline all your processes, run real-time reports, and save your organization a lot of money, because we don’t markup products.

Service Award Program

Escape the limitations of traditional service award programs. Offer the entire Amazon catalog of over 10m products with zero product markup from Awardco. Streamline your entire process and let Awardco handle the day to day.

Manager to Peer

Assign a monetary reward budget for executives/managers. Allow them to recognize and reward their peers with points, AKA motivational currency. Create an unlimited amount of reward programs such as sales incentives, spot-recognition, contest, and much more.

Social Peer to Peer

Allow all employees to recognize each-other with a simple hashtag #deliver-results. Comment and like in real time to share in the recognition. Employees with the appropriate permissions will have the ability to reward employees with a monetary value.

Award Network – Zero Markup

10m Amazon Products, Every Gift Card,  180k Expedia Hotels, 50k event tickets, or add your own products. All awards are settings based, choose what your employees see.