Manager to Peer Recognition

Employee Rewards

Awardco provides a simple solution to rewarding your employees. Access your rewards any time, whether you’re in the office or on the go, on any smart device. Use @ to bring up your employee directory, and add a recognition message. Hashtag your company’s #CoreValues to highlight behaviors and skills, and to build powerful engagement analytics. You can then post the recognition to screens in your lobby or on your company’s Intranet to broadcast your employees’ achievements. Get more people involved in improving and celebrating other’s performance.

Advanced Budget Control

Allow departments to share a monetary budget or assign specific budgets to managers. Allot funds for single or multiple reward/incentive programs. Create catalogs of rewards that employees can access based on the season, quarter or even the department. Streamline all of your recognition programs to one simple platform. Use our budget control to also access tax reports and detailed receipts. Awardco never marks up reward prices, so you will know exactly where your budgets are going and you can give your employees the full cost of their awards. Start rewarding your employees, not your vendors.

Email or Printed Recognition

Each time you reward an employee, they’ll be notified with an email directly to their inbox with login and redemption information to our corporate incentive program. You also have the option of printing the recognition instead of emailing, so you can hand deliver the reward. Customize the design before printing to include your logo and match your branding needs. Easily fix the problem of great rewards getting lost in the mail, or make it a bigger deal by celebrating face to face with your teams. With printed recognition, you can give them something tangible to hold on to that could encourage further achievements.

Endless Award Choices

Awardco has built the most extensive reward network in the market. With one smooth platform, employees can redeem:


  • merchandise
  • Hotel stays from
  • Visa Reward Cards
  • Tickets to Sporting Events, Broadway Shows, Concerts, Disneyland, etc.
  • Merchant Gift Cards for dining, shopping, entertainment, etc.


Give your employees personally chosen incentives that will inspire engagement and overall improvement. Add your company’s branded products to the catalog builder to give your employees unique choices they can’t get anywhere else while also bonding them with the brand they work for. Curate specific catalogs for each quarter, different seasons, different departments, levels of achievement, and more. Awardco doesn’t markup prices for any reward, so you can offer your employees more while spending less with our corporate incentive program.

Role Based Recognition Reports

Create detailed, up-to-the-minute reports to track what you have awarded, and what employees have redeemed. See who is patting who on the back and the engagement that your teams have with each other. Filter by date, location, or cost centers to save valuable time and gain powerful insights. Report options include:


  1. Tax Reports: Consolidated view by employee on redemptions
  2. Detailed Receipts: Comprehensive view of what employees have redeemed
  3. Redemption Reports: Employee redemptions vs. unused points
  4. Recognition Logs: Who rewarded whom and why
  5. Manager Dashboards: Drill down by user or manager to view recognition analytics
  6. Admin Dashboard: Get a complete view of all recognition programs

Exploring Employee Incentives

Whether you’re top dog or just one on the team, receiving congratulations for improvement, or hitting the top mark should be a no-duh in a work environment. Success should be celebrated. But oftentimes, small achievements go unnoticed or don’t receive the spotlight they truly deserve. A Thank You card gets lost in the mail, a manager’s fumbled congrats doesn’t stick for long. But Awardco is helping to change that with our new corporate incentive program.


Rather than breeze over accomplishments that your employees make every day, week, year, with Awardco you can start shining a light on small and big successes. But why does that matter? Research has shown that performance recognition can actually drive employee engagement. We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to increase engagement among employees it just give them the recognition they deserve. In both informal and formal ways. Do more than a quick email. Send them an incentive through Awardco’s Employee Incentive program and watch as relationships among employees, managers and teams change for the better.

Employee Incentives that Actually Work

Employee incentive programs of the past hit many bumps, from budget costs to lack of participation. But with Awardco’s corporate incentive program, employee incentives and reward programs are no longer something to roll your eyes at. With our corporate incentives that are linked in partnership with Amazon, Visa and more, you watch performance and participation among your employees and their teams increase. We’ve taken the mundane out of employee incentive programs and given them a bit of pizazz to make rewarding your teams more meaningful, impactful and productive than ever before.


With work environment focus shifting towards more engaged connections, corporate incentive programs can help you drive innovation and passion into your company’s culture. Programs like Awardco can do more for you than traditional models of incentive programs. Instead, you can recognize employees who continue to foster outstanding customer experiences; those who encourage improvement and innovation not just in themselves but in your business. And then through this you can in turn watch as the drive and determination fosters an even better work environment than before.