Social Recognition Platform

Research shows that employees value recognition from their peers even more than recognition from managers and executives. With a more modern approach to the traditional employee recognition program, Awardco’s recognition software and recognition program introduces a sleek and rewarding solution for just that – rewarding your employees. Find out what Awardco’s platform can do for your business today. 

Total Recognition

Awardco’s Social Employee Recognition program enables all employees to upload their photo, then comment on, like, and share in recognition as it happens across your company. With a process similar to other social media platforms, this employee recognition program makes it fun and enticing to participate in congratulations and appreciation of employees throughout your company. Let your employees tell each other what a great job they’re doing by giving them shout outs, or actual rewards. Hashtag #CoreValues for your team, department, or company to highlight particular skills or accomplishments.

Real-Time Updates

Sort through the feed by user or department, or search #Hashtags. Gather insights for one employee or your entire workforce. Create valuable behavioral data that gives real-time intelligence on your talent. Like and comment on achievements as they happen to show support and involvement in the daily happenings of your employees and teams. Give your employees immediate access to their rewards or recognition that can in turn positively influence engagement within the business and their own teams. Thanks and applause won’t get lost in mailboxes anymore.

Live Display

Broadcast your company’s culture by making it social. Awardco’s Social Recognition API allows you to extract the Social Recognition feed and display the data anywhere. Stream the social feed directly on your company’s Intranet, display it live on a TV monitor in the hallways or break room, or simply view it in a web browser. Foster positive engagement and comradery amongst employees; create a work environment that anyone would be loath to leave. Use live display to also show clients, guests, and potential employees that your company culture is rewarding and exciting.

Custom Social Feed

Adjust your feed by turning off likes and comments to highlight achievements and simplify what everyone sees. Make daily recognitions the highlight of the screen Or leave comments, likes, and replies on to let everyone participate and applaud another peer’s achievements and success. To give more than just a written recognition, create a budget and let your employees recognize each other with monetary rewards. Want to do something more special to reward your employees? Skip over monetary rewards and give them something that won’t go straight to bills, like a personally picked gift or incentive. With our partnerships, you can give your employees the chance to pick rewards like tickets to Broadway shows, Disneyland, hotel stays or Amazon merchandise. Attach your own products and give them a unique choice that can’t get anywhere else.

Modern Employee Recognition

Awardco’s modern employee recognition program feeds into research that shows all the positive outcomes of recognizing your employees and giving them the chance to engage in one another’s achievements and appreciation. With a modern twist, this recognition programs does more than just recognize great work. Take a small thank you and turn it into something louder with a social feed. Take a pat on the back and turn it into something bigger with an individually chosen incentive showing your employees the care you have for them and the investment you have in them.

Social Analytics  – Tag, Filter, and Sort

Create reports in real time to stay fully up to date and to determine employees who are being recognized, who aren’t, and what they’re recognized for. Even better you can access recognition logs that show who is rewarded and by whom, with an explanation as to why to keep track of employee growth. Sort by hashtags, users, or departments. All reports can be assigned a hierarchy, so all managers can run reports to see what is relevant to their teams, while the CEO, and other Admins can see everything. Keep track of which employees have used redemption points and what goes unused. An added bonus of tax reports helps you catch that tax break and save valuable time while also consolidating by employee.

Employee Recognition Programs

Employee recognition programs like Awardco foster activities and attitudes on a daily basis that grow into bigger and better results. Find out how easy it is to create trust among teams and managers. Feed employee development by sharing your employees’ passion for their work and each other’s accomplishments. Cultivate a workplace that boosts confidence and incentives employees to reach beyond their own goals and limits. Employee reward doesn’t have to come in the form of a check any more or a small thank-you card. With Awardco’s Employee Recognition program you can change not only the way you approach employee recognition but so much more.


Awardco’s Employee Recognition software gives one of the best and easiest solutions to rewarding employees. By taking old-school recognition programs out of the corner and giving them a new and modern spin, you’ll find that Awardco’s programs can make employee recognition and appreciation something that is not only rewarding to your employees but also to your company. Watch as your employees blossom while at the same time watching your company culture bloom and thrive with just the click of a button.