For the first time ever, organizations can use Amazon Business for Employee Recognition and Incentive Programs. Offer hundreds of millions of products delivered to the office, or directly to your employee’s front porch with Amazon Business Prime – 2-day free shipping.

Awardco is Integrating with Amazon Business Warehouses Worldwide

Through our proprietary software, Awardco has integrated with Amazon Worldwide to eliminate customs and expensive shipping. In fact, many countries now offer Amazon Business Prime shipping. Awardco can determine the location of the employee and will only display the products available in their region.


Unlimited Fast, Free Shipping in US and Germany

Amazon Business Prime Shipping offers fast Two-Day Shipping for every user. This service is available in the US and Germany. Other countries still have free shipping options, though shipping times may vary.

Build Custom Amazon Business Catalogs for Reward Programs

If hundreds of millions of products are too many, Awardco provides the ability for admins to build custom Amazon mini-catalogs. We’ve learned through experience that employees love choices 😉 but, if you desire, Awardco provides a simple way to manipulate the choices shown to employees.

To use Amazon for your recognition and incentive programs you first must sign up for a free account. After you signup Awardco will help you connect your Amazon Business account to the Awardco platform.