What is Awardco?

Everything you love about Amazon Business, but for your Recognition and Incentive programs. Awardco’s software technology makes it easy for employees and managers to reward their colleagues for moments that matter. Users can log in and redeem products from Amazon directly on the Awardco platform, while benefiting from hundreds of millions of choices around the world, with fast, free shipping options. In addition, Awardco has partnered with other third party vendors to provide Hotels, Gift Cards, and Event Tickets. And we don’t mark up any of it.

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    Milestone Recognition

    Expand your product selection with products from Amazon. Fast and free shipping, with zero product markups.

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    Value Recognition

    Create a culture where employees can recognize core values in real time using hashtags.

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    Performance Recognition

    Give managers monetary budgets and let them give rewards based on performance.

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    Social Recognition

    Promote a healthy company culture by sharing moments that matter with the entire organization.


Amazon Products

Hundreds of millions of products with free shipping options.

Gift Cards

The largest selection of gift cards around the world


The easiest way to send cash to reward recipient in 100 different countries

Priceline Hotels

50,000 hotel options around the globe

Event Tickets

Local shows, Broadway, sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, and so much more

Upload Products

Upload company swag items, PTO, or anything your employees would like

The Highest Rated Award Network


Awardco’s technology integrates with some of the best brands in the world, giving your employees an amazing experience every time a monetary gift is extended.

Top 6 Reasons That Make Awardco Very Cool